EAN : 4710007590300

Global Time Watch
This watch designed by VIBIAN®  in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, contains a supreme technology. It has a precise Global Time Zone mechanism. You can select all 24 Global Time Zones with a single movement ! By simply turning the bezel to a city, the hands (that display the time) will move to that respective time zone. Besides that, the course of the sun and moon are shown and summer and winter time are taken into consideration. This direct adjustment to each Global Time Zone is unique and it will enable you to follow The Rhythm of Time. Wherever you are in the world, you will always know the right time.

Sporty lightweight design. Comfortable to wear due to it's soft easy-care rubber band. The dial has a pleasant readability.


Clean shaped watch without any buttons. Just rotate the city bezel anti clockwise to show any global time zone.
Winter time:
Rotate the city bezel to twelve o'clock mark.
Summer time / Daylight Saving Time:
Rotate the city bezel to D.S.T. mark.
Europe during March to November.
America during March to November. 
Australia during October to April.

Global Time Zone city-bezel made of anodized aluminum alloy.

Durable polycarbonate case with protection against scratches and sweat. 
Keeps it original color even after long term usage.

Mineral watch glass with hardness treatment 1.3mm thickness.
Three hands for hours, minutes, seconds with luminous function.
Dial made of copper alloy. 
Diameter 44.5mm / Height 12.1mm.

Rubber wrist watch strap.
Length 26cm, width 2.20cm, 0.2cm thickness.

2 ATM waterproof. Weight 34.1 gram.

1x Global Time Watch, 2x SR-626 batteries, 1x user manual 10 languages, watch opener, luxury giftbox. With the included watch opener a replacement of the battery is very easy, no need to go to a professional shop.

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