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About Us

VIBIAN® designed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

VIBIAN® clocks and watches are a combination of modernity and classicism, blending the latest clock making and watchmaking technology with an user friendly design. They display a creative harmony of contemporary style with enduring quality. VIBIAN® clocks and watches are a reflection of material and technical leadership combined with a playful approach of shaping. It makes each VIBIAN® clock and watch an affordable unique eye-catching piece.

VIBIAN® clocks and watches contain a supreme innovative Global Time Zone mechanism, that out-stands in it's user friendliness. It's easy to select all 24 Global Time Zones with a single movement! By simply turning the city bezel, the hands (that display the time) will move to that respective time zone. Also the course of the sun/moon are shown and summer/winter time are taken into consideration. This direct adjustment to each Global Time Zone is unique. It will enable you to follow The Rhythm of Time. Wherever you are in the world, you will always know the right time.

VIBIAN® clocks and watches are designed with great passion in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Yuhuan Global Co., Ltd. located in Taiwan, manufactures and delivers the VIBIAN® clocks and watches to the global market with nonstop innovation and pride.

Our experienced innovative design team has a strong knowledge of drawing, designing, developing, molding and plastic injection. Combined with professional technical engineers and R&D team it creates a strong product development environment. It gives us the ability to manufacture clocks and watches with a competitive advantage, thus bringing our customers an innovative and unique product.

Yuhuan Global's staff has been doing business for over 20 years. Our raw material suppliers are selected by their functional and technical expertise. We are proud on our proven track record that has created a strategic partnership with these raw material suppliers as well with our international customers. All our clocks and watches undergo a feasibility analysis. We carefully plan new development and discuss this within our extended network. So we understand and know-why our clocks and watches will be successful for long term in this rapidly changing world.

VIBIAN® clocks and watches are based on good craftsmanship, high quality components and exquisite appearance that fits consumer desires and needs. VIBIAN® clocks and watches are manufactured according CE, Rohs, WEEE certificates.

We cordially welcome companies to become our agent or distributor for VIBIAN® clocks and watches. Besides designing, manufacturing VIBIAN® clocks and watches, we are also well equipped to handle OEM and ODM orders. We offer mold and function design services as well as packaging artwork, so we can be involved from the design stage until the mass production. This makes it possible to develop adaptations and modifications of our clocks and watches in collaboration with our customers.

- Exceeding the expectations of every customer
- Ensuring that every customer receives effective professional service
- Increased flexibility
- Competitive pricing
- Greater value
- Fast and on-time delivery
- Optimizing and improving customers operation efficiency
- Strict Quality Control by SOP

In order to meet the individual needs of our customers we are continually expanding our knowledge and services. By choosing VIBIAN® and Yuhuan Global Co., Ltd we are confident that a long term business relationship will be established